Nervous Times

24 02 2011

Nervous times now! I’ve linked my twitter feed to my facebook page which means that when I publish this post it will eventually be seen by friends on facebook. I haven’t told my friends about my blog, if I’m honest because I know they will take the p*ss! So come on do your worst!

Biked into work and home tonight again, pretty uneventful trips. Although I registered a PB time of 1:14mins for the return leg. Going to add a loop on next week to increase the distance slightly, I’m not sure where though.

Interval training in the gym tomorrow night and I’m going to try and get up for an easy turbo session in the morning but we’ll see, I didn’t make it out of bed on Wednesday morning so watch this space!

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I Prefer Food Over Petrol. FACT!

11 02 2011

I didn’t run last night but yesterday I commuted to work and back on my bike.  For those who have read my previous blogs you will know that on the way into work I hitch a ride with Kim so that I don’t have to cycle all the way in on a morning.  Yesterday was the first in a few months that I all the way home and it was the first time I had done it with my Garmin recording stats.  It makes for some interesting reading… well it does for me anyway.

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What was interesting for me was the amount of calories burnt getting home, 1800 cal, wow!  So if I was to cycle into work and home I would burn nearly 4000 calories a day.  That is an amazing amount of calories but is it practical?  I would definitely prefer to pay for more food to fuel me, rather than pay to put fuel in my car and that is a fact!!

Just out of interest I stumbled onto a blog called bicycle design where the author (James) brings up the argument whether or not bike design needs to change to offer more variety to cycle commuters.  If you are at all interested in this sort of thing it’s definitely worth a read.

Man and Machine

8 02 2011

Well I commuted today on my bike which went quite well. When I say I commuted that doesn’t mean I rode the full 23 miles there and 23 back… Let me explain. Kim drives to work which is the same route as mine for about 6 miles then she can give me a lift for another 2 miles then drop me off and carry on into work via a slightly different route. Kim then has time to go to the gym before she starts work leaving me to cycle the rest of the way in… Simple!

About 18 months ago we sold one of our two cars and I bought a bike to cycle to work on and for about 3 months I did this most days. I made the mistake of thinking that I could do this every day come rain or shine, more rain than shine, and this puts a real strain on things. Mainly because there is just no other option and I would need the car on a weekend leaving her stranded. So eventually we had to buy a second car and from then on I’ve put off cycling into work until now.

Having said that wow did it make me fit. I know this is supposed to be a blog about my running progress but at the end of the day who cares so long as I’m getting fit. I have to say a love cycling, and probably its because of the technology involved and me being an engineer and all that. Its the combination of man and machine.

Ok, so a quick word on running, club run tomorrow I’m sure its going to be a tempo run again. Its going to be interesting to see how my legs hold up after 20 odd miles in the saddle today. On another note I’ve started keeping a diary of how what I’m eating this week to see if I can count my calorie intake versus how much I’m burning off. Results could be very interesting. I’ll keep you updated.

Night all.

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