22nd July 2012

22 06 2012

I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a long weekend.

Having missed out on my Wednesday nights easy run I thought I’d fit it in tonight instead. Not one of my best ideas. While out on my easy run, it dawned on me that last nights tempo run was still in my legs and rather than having a night off, I will be running my back to back long weekend runs on tired legs!

Looking at it another way, back to back runs are designed to tire your legs so you can get used to what it’s going to feel like at the end of a long race. Maybe my preparation couldn’t be better. Only time will tell.

I am now armed with an Ultraspire handheld bottle (ISOMERIC16oz) and I’m starting to think about eating and drinking while running. I’m a bit new to this so I don’t really k ow where to begin with regards to what to eat? Gels, bars, fruit or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (PBJ’s). I hate being sick so I’m a little apprehensive about what to try. I had a quick look on wiggle and there’s a lot of different products out there.

This weeks mileage so far is around 18 miles and the goal is to get another 25 in this weekend… Wish me luck.


Sunny Blende is a Nutritional Godess!

10 06 2012

This weekend I did back-to-back runs totalling 18.9 miles.

Mileage this week totalled just over 33 miles which is the most I have run in a long time. My legs feel a bit tired now after today’s 12 mile run but overall I feel great. Yesterday I did a 6.5mile loop in Hamsterley Forrest which I was surprised (not to mention disappointed) took me 56 minutes. Upon reflection there was 750 ft of elevation and my heart rate averaged just short of 90% of MHR. It just goes to show how different running on trails is. The route was muddy and roots were sloppy due to the previous nights rain.

My last post mentioned the Ultrarunnerpodcast.com which I have been listening to. Well, if you’re a keen runner then I urge you to check out the interview with the nutritionist Sunny Blende from the eat4fitness.com website. I’ve listened to it 3 times now, each time finding more useful nutritional tips. Listen to it here.

Sunny wrote an article called Demistifying the Bonk for ultrarunning online which is now regarded as the number one piece of information for any marathon or ultra runner. It’s a brilliant read! Be prepared to read it more than once.

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