I’ve Entered My First Ultra!

18 06 2012

In total last week I racked up 42 miles, including two 12 mile back to back runs at the weekend.

I was aiming for around 22 miles this weekend and having managed a bit more, and because my legs don’t feeling like they’ve been run over by a truck, I’ve taken the plunge and entered my first ultra distance race. Ok… I the furthest I’ve raced before is a half marathon and I thought the next gradual step would be to complete a marathon, makes sense? Well, having scoured the internet and magazines I haven’t found a suitable marathon distance trail run. The only one that came close was Kielder marathon but I’ve already entered a trail race on the day before. So the plan was to find a marathon to run in early 2013 but when I heard that High Terrain Events had decided to add a 50K event as part of the Salomon Trail Tour Series I jumped at the chance and entered this morning. Let the training begin!

Investing in a foam roller is easily the best thing I’ve bought. I’m hoping that’s why my legs don’t feel so bad, not that I really know what I’m doing with it. I had a quick look on You Tube about how to roll the usual muscles quads, hamstrings, calves etc… And rolled them after my runs this weekend.

Oh, I also tried eating while running on Sunday. That went ok I think. I didn’t get any pains and I didn’t spew, bonus! Need to take a drink though, I chose a Powerbar from the supermarket but the nuts were hard to swallow without a gulp of water.

All-in-all not a bad weekend.


I’m Back!

7 06 2012

Forgive me, I haven’t written a blog post for over a year!

So what’s happened? Well, I’ll be honest I lost motivation, not with running, but with my blog. My running has been intermittent, as well, since about October 2011 and since the beginning of 2012 I haven’t done much running at all. Over the past 4 weeks I’ve become reinvigorated.

The football season finished giving me back my weekends and allowing for long runs. I’ve begun running with my West Highland Terrier, Alfie, although I don’t dare run to fast with him. I’ve entered the Lakeland Trails Autumn Series again and I’m currently trying to find a Marathon Distance trail race to compete in later in the year.

I have to mention the Ultrarunnerpodcast.com podcast. This podcast is inspirational! I have now started working my way through a years worth of podcasts. If you like running then listen to these guys here and they’re also on iTunes. They interview top names from the ultra running community about their training, nutrition, races etc… Give it a listen.

How Disappointing!

25 01 2011

What a disappointment!  I’ll come straight out and own up, I didn’t manage to get up early on Monday morning for a run!!  There I’ve said it.  I really can’t believe it, I had all my running stuff out and ready to put on first thing and I couldn’t drag myself out of bed.  How do other people get up at 5:30am, stretch, run and eat before work?  If anyone reading this has any advice then please let me know, I’m desperate.

Thursday 20th Jan ’11

20 01 2011

Hi everyone.  Ok starting to get to grips with this “blogging” idea, I’ve tried to build up some links to other running blogs that I have recently being reading.  Check them out under my links menu.  Most of these guys/girls seem to be veteran bloggers, their sites look professional!!  I have started getting a little bit of traffic through my site so thank you all for reading.

I ran with the club on Wednesday night, if you would like to view the stats of the run and also the route follow the link at the bottom of the blog.  the route we were given was shorter than we usually do so I used it as a tempo run.  Felt quite good, I feel as if I’m getting back into a structured routine after the chaos of Christmas.  I have a couple of half marathon training plans scrumpled up in the bottom of my gym back so I’m wondering if I should start following one?  Can anyone suggest a good plan for mileage build up?

I’m really into collecting performance related stats so I record as much as I can.  My Garmin Forerunner 405 is an excellent piece of kit and the Garmin Connect site seems to display it all clearly.  At the beginning of next month I would like to do a Max HR test so that I can work out my training zones but I’m yet to find one, does anyone know where I could find some more info on this?

I’ve had a rest day today so for the rest of the evening I’m going to find and plan some races for the coming season.  This should give me something to work towards.  I haven’t done many races in the past so Kim (the girlfriend, and experienced runner in the relationship!) is going to recommend some.  Exciting!!


My First Ever Blog

19 01 2011

Hello World!  And welcome to nbrunning.

I feel I’m behind the times a bit with all this blogging and social networking.  I have resisted the urge to join a social networking site for years, telling myself that if I want to get in touch with someone I would just give them a ring…  But I never do!  So last year I took the plunge and joined Facebook and I’ve never looked back since.  It really has opened my eyes, for instance I have just found a friend that now lives in Sidney, Australia, and suddenly and can keep in touch with him again.  The world feels much more accessible with other communities just a click away, amazing!

Well this blog is about running and everything linked to improving my running, anything from the food I’m eating to the stretches I’m doing (or not doing).  All this in an attempt to complete a marathon in a fast time.  I say “a fast time” because I’m not sure what time to aim for at the minute.  I have run a half marathon in 1hr 32min before so I would like to think I could aim for a 3hr marathon but I know that is a very good time to run 26.2miles!!  But is it so unrealistic?

Last night was my steady run night which I did on a treadmill because I sick of running in the dark and its nice to be out of the cold.  It’s this time of year I struggle to get going when really I should be putting in the base miles for the year ahead.  Ok I’ll keep it short and sweet for my first post, plenty to talk about next time.  Tonight is club run night, I wonder what is in store for us tonight?

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