All Is Good

12 06 2012

So I managed 8 x 0.5m intervals with a mile warm up and warm down.

After a full weekend of running I took Monday off and rested. I was a little bit apprehensive about doing the full 8 intervals thinking that my legs would surely be tired, but no they felt really good. I have to admit that I programmed the session into my Garmin and before I set off I dropped my max pace from 6 min/m to 6.5. Never the less I managed to stick to nearer 6.5 min/m or less and my last interval was at 5:52 pace!

Wednesday nights are turning into my easy run night so I guess it’s 4 miles with the pooch tomorrow. Then Thursday is tempo night. 5 miles at 6.5-7 min/m pace with a warm up a cool down. I haven’t decided how this weekend is going to plan out yet but I’m hoping to get another 2 runs in totalling between 20-22 miles. I’ve also started to add some core work after my runs which, it has to be said, is a weak area for me. I hate it! But it prevents injury and is supposed to improve your running technique.

All in all I’m feeling positive at the moment, can’t wait to get back out tomorrow.


You’ll Have To Take My Word For It

11 02 2011

My Garmin ran out of charge as soon as I stepped on to the treadmill. Yesterday I spent over 2 hours in the saddle cycling over 35 miles, so I knew I would have to work hard tonight and I desperately wanted to get some stats recorded. Usually I would post a link up to the garmin connect site as proof that the activity has taken place but tonight you will just have to trust me.

I started off with my usual mile warm up and then into the first interval, a 2 miler at half marathon pace followed by a 3 minute recovery. Surprisingly I felt good after that, well ‘OK’ anyway. Thinking that the longest interval would be the worst I began the two 1 mile intervals at 10k pace. Yep these made my legs burn and my lungs began to gasp for air. I had to turn the tv off that is positioned 12inches from my face because it was making me feel sea sick. But I got through it and moved onto the final set of 800m intervals at 5k pace. I dug so deep, my legs felt numb, sweat was spraying all over, by the final 800m I could here myself gasping for air, I focused on my running form and tried to look as dignified as possible (which was not very as bits of spit sprayed over the controls).

I finished it and warmed down. If only could of recorded it. Note to: self charge Garmin fully on Thursday nights!

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A Session from Hell

4 02 2011

The finish of a hard working week. As promised here is Wednesday’s club run, Durham Chair:

The hard week was finished off with a super hard interval session:

So I lie here in bed with that aching feeling in both legs thinking “I feel good”. I’m pleased with myself for finishing the session, because the last 2 intervals were torture, hell in fact. But then that’s what we do it for isn’t it? To push ourselves and our bodies to the limit and then push a little further, just to see how we react.

Its been a while since I’ve been in the write frame of mind to train this consistently and I think its starting to work. Certainly blogging about it has helped focus me, and above all else I’m enjoying getting fit again.

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